How To Survive Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. When I was in high school I would sarcastically say “Happy Forced Romance Day!” I think if you love someone you need to let them know every day of the year and not feel obligated to spend a lot of money on them on one particular day just because everyone else does and you feel pressured. Also, I love flowers and their artificial value skyrockets exponentially this weekend. 

That being said, I know people who just love Valentine’s Day and think it’s exciting to get all dressed up and go out for a special dinner and get showered with gifts. I’m not so cynical that I would want to rain on their parade.  I love love.

BUT it’s hard to deny that Valentine’s Day kind of sucks when you’re alone. Whether you’ve been single for ages, are in a long distance relationship, or just broke up with a long time significant other, it’s hard not to feel left out on a day that celebrates romantic love. I know how it feels (I wouldn’t wish a ldr on my worst enemy) and I have some tips to share to make the day bearable.
1. Treat Yourself

You don’t need a significant other to get presents on Valentine’s Day. You could spend the day at a spa or buy yourself some pretty lingerie or a new lipstick you’ve been coveting. I know it sounds superficial, but (for me at least) sometimes if you look good you feel good too. If you don’t want to spend money you could do something like bake cookies, go for a hike, or pamper yourself at home. Eat breakfast in bed, do your nails, and wear a face mask while you’re binge-watching your favorite show (I’m currently obsessed with House and Making A Murderer).

2. Go out with your girls

“Galentine’s Day,” or celebrating Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends, has been a favorite of mine long before it had a cutesy name. In high school I always spent Valentine’s Day at the movies or out to dinner with one of my group of friends. Even when we had boyfriends, we made it a priority to spend some time with each other. Now that we’re older and can include wine in our plans they’re even better! 😉🍷

3. Remember that Valentine’s Day is only one day

Just because you’re not sharing this day with the love of your life doesn’t mean you never will. Don’t get caught up in all of the engagements and weddings that are bound to happen this weekend and think that will never happen to you. ❤️


– Hannah

2015 Recap

The Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris, France

The New Year always makes me nostalgic, and usually I try to keep my sentimental feelings off social media. But if you know me in person you know that communication is my number one core value and I love giving and receiving advice. I think that each of us has a little bit of wisdom inside of us and collectively we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, but too often we’re afraid to open up and share it.

Today I’m spending the day unpacking but mostly reflecting on everything that happened in 2015, and I feel God telling me “this is the year you faced your fears.” I’m really terrified of not having control over my life and opening myself up to criticism. So I lived in Paris where I barely understood the language and forced myself to speak kindergarten-level French. I took a class on public speaking and allowed myself to be criticized and come out better and stronger. Those two things ended up being the best experiences I had this year.

I graduated college. I was really paranoid that after all this time it wouldn’t happen. It didn’t seem real. I kept checking my grades, afraid that I had missed something and would fail a class and have to go to school for another semester and everyone would know. But my GPA was the highest this semester that it has ever been in college.

My three-year, living-in-the-same-city relationship turned into a 16-hour-time-difference, 24-hour-flight-away relationship, and I’m learning how to be together but apart, alone but not lonely.

Sparrow and Lace Photography

I’ve moved apartments and places four times. I left New York. I moved in with my best friend just an hour away from my little brother and sister, so I can watch them grow and love on them. I’m pursuing real happiness, not social media likes or the “coolness” that comes from living in the coolest city in the world. And I’m still scared. But also really, really excited for what’s next.


– Hannah