My go-to brow products

Before I start this post, let’s get one thing straight. By no means do I think I have perfect eyebrows. I have a long history of brow problems, starting when I was thirteen and wanted to “shape” my brows because I had read something about it in Tiger Beat magazine–which, for those of you who don’t know, was the authoritative guide on how to get Zac Efron to fall in love with you–and I wanted to be desirable to the likes of Zac Efron. I decided to use small grooming scissors to “trim” my eyebrows, which I did right in the middle of my arch (???? Baby Hannah what were you thinking ????) on the day I was getting my annual pictures taken probably at Sear’s (School Picture Day for homeschoolers). 

So when I present you with these brow products, I need you to know that I did not just pick these willy-nilly because Glossier packaging is perfect (even though it is) or because Kiss NY Professional so kindly sent me their brow pencil to try* (even though they did). I have agonized over finding the perfect brow products for years and I am finally at a place where I feel pretty darn good about how my eyebrows look. Yes, sometimes mistakes are made and I imagine that I could be Brooke Shields and I draw them on a little too heavy and I look back on pictures and cringe because even though bold eyebrows are trendy I don’t think anything on your face should be a “trend.” But most days my brows frame my face and I get compliments on them and people ask me what brow products I use and how I use them. So without further ado, here we go. 

Here is my baby face without eye makeup. As you can see, my brows are trying their best to frame my eyes, but they need a little bit of help. I fill them in using Top Brow from Kiss New York Professional. I’ve tried several eye pencils from high end and drugstore brands, and this is my favorite because both the pencil and the spoolie (the end that looks like a mascara wand that you use to comb your brows) are very thin, which gives you a lot of control and precision when filling in your brows. The consistency of the pencil is also not too powdery or too waxy. 

Here is what my brows look like after filling them in with the Kiss NY Pro pencil and combing them through. I tried to take a few pictures of how I fill them in, but I look way too intense. Clearly I take eyebrows very seriously. Sometimes I leave them like this, but often I go over them with a coat of Boy Brow from Glossier to darken them. 

I’m not sure if the difference is discernable to you, but to me the addition of Boy Brow makes my brows just a little more defined and a bit darker and closer to my hair color. 

I’m not kidding about how much I love these products. The Kiss NY Pro pencil has gotten so much use that the writing is almost completely smudged off. Let me know if you’ve tried either of these, or your favorite brow products are! 


– Hannah 
* I am not paid to write about any products mentioned in this post. The Kiss NY Pro pencil was provided for me to test. All opinions are my own. 

Marc Jacobs Air Blush Review

There’s been a lot of buzz in the beauty world about the new Marc Jacobs air blush. I was lucky enough to receive this product through Influenster to test out, so I thought I would post a quick review for you! 

I am obsessed with Marc Jacobs perfume–Daisy Dream is the perfect scent–but I haven’t tried much of the makeup line, so I was very excited to try out the air blush duo. The shade I received is “kink and kisses” and it’s a beautiful peachy-pink that I find very flattering. The texture of the blush is soft and velvety, and super pigmented. 

This blush is meant to be used for “draping,” which is basically contouring with blush. The idea is that you sculpt with color, rather than creating the illusion of shadows with bronzer or a matte brown contour. I made an attempt at this, but I’m pale and naturally pink, so honestly I just looked sunburnt. My preferred method is to slide my blush brush through the powder to get a stripe of the lighter shade on top and the darker shade on the bottom, rather than blending the two colors together. Then I run that along my cheeka above my bronzer. The result is similar to using a highlight and blush at the same time, and it makes my face appear glowy and fresh. 

This blush is available at Sephora and retails for $42. Let me know if you’ve tried it or have used blush for “draping” and if you have any tips! 


– Hannah