Cold Shoulder

Wow.  Can you tell I like off-the-shoulder tops?  I realize this is my third outfit post in a row featuring an off-the-shoulder top and I’m thinking maybe I need to branch out…but at the same time, don’t mess with a good thing, right? I’m still working on a post about my Paris trip, but for now, here is my first outfit of the day back in New York–all black, big surprise. This top can also be pushed up and worn to cover your shoulders if you get chilly (and I did, because I wore this on a rainy day) and is on sale now for under $10, which is basically free.  Shop this whole outfit by using the links below! 🙂

Top: UNIQLO (similar style here, also from UNIQLO) // Shoes: Forever 21 // Black Jeans: BDG

Spring Statement

You know the thrill of pulling off something that’s been in your head for a long time? Like when you have a brilliant idea in the shower and you write it down later and don’t forget any of it and it still sounds like a great idea? That’s how I feel about this outfit. I bought all the pieces separately and had an idea in my head about how I would wear them together, and when I finally put the outfit on with the cherry on top–my roommate’s cool thrifted cateye sunglasses–I felt good.

I was also thrilled that I was able to incorporate a lot of trends into one outfit that actually ended up looking, in my opinion, pretty classic. Off the shoulder, dramatic sleeves, big tassel earrings, and wide leg pants/culottes are all very trendy, but I didn’t feel like I was wearing a costume, even though this outfit is a lot more *loud* than anything I would usually wear. I felt very confident even though the outfit drew a lot of attention, which is something I normally try to avoid.

And can we talk about these puffy sleeves for a second?  I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything with poofy sleeves like this before, and they were so fun and reminded me of Anne in Anne of Green Gables and her obsession with puffed sleeves. Then I read this article about my favorite (okay, everyone’s favorite) adaption of Anne and got incredibly sentimental and grew even more attached to the puffed sleeves.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I got accepted to Reward Style/ and several friends have asked me what that means. If you don’t know, Like to Know It is an app you can download and connect with your Instagram account. When you screenshot a picture on Instagram that is enabled (you’ll know by the link and hashtags in the caption) you can shop that outfit directly through the app. You can also shop this outfit specifically directly through this link. And full disclosure–if you buy anything I link through the app, I earn commission. 🙂 If you have any more questions, please ask away. 

Products I’ve Repurchased

I had a bad habit in high school of building up my makeup collection to the point of excess, inspired by beauty gurus on YouTube who had a whole room devoted to their makeup collections. At one time I remember having 14 different mascaras on hand, which was a point of pride in my young life. But because makeup doesn’t have an unlimited shelf life and since I actually didn’t wear makeup every day, I ended up wasting a lot of products that weren’t my favorite.

Lately I’ve made it a point not to buy things I don’t need. Even if I’m not living a clutter-free, minimal life, my goal is still to do more with less. I love to try new products, but I make an effort not to buy a new eyebrow pencil when I have one I’m still using. If I buy a product that really doesn’t work for me I return it or give it to a friend who will use it.

These products are favorites that I not only used up, but became a part of my daily routine, and I have repurchased at least once.

Bite matte creme lip crayon in Glacé

So to be technical, I used up a sample size of this baby, not a full size, but I have never purchased a full-size product of a sample so to me this counts! This is also the product that got me hooked on Bite as a brand, and now I own at least a dozen of their amuse bouche lipsticks and matte creme lip crayons. This color is my favorite and the formula is super smooth and moisturizing.

Glossier milky jelly cleanser

This is one of the first Glossier skincare products I purchased. I already owned and loved boy brow and the lip products, but I am pretty picky about skincare. I wasn’t a huge fan of the cleanser at first until I started using it in the shower to remove my makeup and clean my face all at once. I love jelly texture and the subtle scent, and it is very gentle on my sensitive skin.

Kiss New York Professional fine precision brow pencil

This is hands-down my favorite brow pencil. Kiss NY Pro sent me a box of their products to try last spring, so I have been using this for a year and have tried several products since, and it’s still the best. I wrote a whole post about how I do my brows with this product, so you can read that if you want more info.

Glossier boy brow

Boy brow has a cult-like following among Glossier fans, but to be honest when I first purchased it I didn’t think it lived up to the hype.  My brows were pretty sparse from over-plucking, and it didn’t give me the shape and thickness that I needed. Once I spent a summer growing out my brows, boy brow became the perfect product to swipe on in a hurry if I’m doing natural makeup before work, or as a finishing touch after I’ve already filled my brows in with a pencil if I’m doing a full face of makeup.

Bare Minerals matte foundation

I prefer powder foundation over liquid, and I’ve been using this matte foundation powder for years.  It gives great coverage despite being a powder and has a broad range of colors to chose from.

Essence lash princess

I’ve only recently started using Essence products after reading/watching a lot of great reviews online, and while I really love the brand as a whole, my favorite product has to be the raved-about lash princess mascara.  It gives great length, volume, and curl, and is only $5 at Target or Ulta.

The New Black

All winter I wear all black, and relish in how comfortable, warm, and effortlessly cool it is.  I never have to worry about finding shoes to match my outfit, or about spilling my coffee and staining my outfit.  But there is something about spring that makes me want to wear white and pastels.  I’m currently putting together outfits for my trip to Paris in three weeks (!!!!) and this one is definitely coming with me.


Top: Forever 21 // Skirt: Uniqlo // Earrings: H&M  // Sunglasses: Freyrs

Design your own case + giveaway! 

Quick, what’s the one thing you always have in your hand? If you’re anything like me, it’s your phone (or an ice cream cone, but that’s a totally different blog post). So it makes sense to have a cute phone case, right? 

I was totally out of the loop and had my phone in a very durable, Fran Drescher pink case since I bought it several months ago. I wanted a cute case, sure, but as much as I love customizable accessories, I’m kind of a lazy shopper and rarely go on the hunt for something–I just know what I like when I see it. That’s kind of the point of following blogs and Instagram. 

Anyway, CaseApp contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to collaborate with them by designing my own  custom iPhone case and doing my first  giveaway, and of course I jumped at that opportunity. You can upload a picture of anything you want and add text, and the site is super easy to use. I toyed with the idea of writing something cheeky, like “don’t call me baby” or a “Hotline Bling” lyric, but I decided to keep it simple and instead uploaded a picture of some pink marble. Surprise, surprise. 

They were generous enough to offer me two cases, and since my little sister is the queen of having a new case every week, I decided to give one to her. She chose one of their pre-made options, which is a pattern of plants and cacti (we’re obviously related). 

If you want to browse or design your own iPhone case or laptop skin, you can go to and use the code FASHIONORFUNCTION20 for 20% off your order, and head to my Instagram for a giveaway! 


– Hannah 

What to do when you’re bored with your winter clothes

This happens every year. Every single year I get prematurely pumped for Spring and take my sundresses out of storage, pack up  my heavier sweaters in a box in the closet, and start browsing pastel sandals online, only to be hit by a blizzard. 

The mild December weather always tricks me into thinking that we’ll “skip” winter this year, and even though I know this always happens, I still can’t help but get my hopes up. I am so over all the sweaters and lumpy layers and Hunter boots. Even my favorite black coat is starting to drive me crazy-the sleeves are made of a faux-leather material that squeaks when I move my arms, and every time I hear it I am again filled with rage that I have to wear my heaviest coat in March, post-daylight-saving. 

If you are also bored by all of your winter clothing options but unable to buy an entirely new wardrobe to wear for the few remaining weeks of winter weather, this is for you. Here are my best tips for ~spicing things up~ without ~spending all of your money~. 

Borrow clothes/do a clothing swap

Featuring: my roommate’s Madewell coat that doesn’t squeak when I move 

I am lucky enough to have very cool, well-dressed roommates who are also very generous when it comes to sharing closets. We often swap items for the day when we’re feeling exasperated with our own options, and it is so refreshing to wear someone else’s clothes instead of your own! If you don’t have roommates (or if your roommates aren’t cool, bummer) then find a friend with a similar style and swap a few items. I do this several times a year with my best friend. I purge my closet and let her go through the clothes that don’t fit or aren’t really my style any more, and she does the same for me. Anything unwanted gets donated. 

Buy inexpensive transitional accessories

Featuring: Forever 21 sheer polka dot tights

The whole point of this post is that I don’t want to spend tons of money on clothes that I’ll pack away in approximately four weeks and trade for sundresses and sandals. But accessories are an inexpensive way to give some interest to your most-worn outfits. Add fishnets under pants, a silk scarf around your neck, or a belt to change up your go-to outfits. 

Experiment with layers

I know. Duh. There is not a single blog or fashion magazine that hasn’t mentioned the importance of layering when it’s cold. I’m just suggesting you change things up and not wear the same old layers. I have three or four go-to outfits that I know look good and are flattering, and I can put those together in my sleep–usually because I am half-asleep when I race out the door for work before I’ve had my coffee. When I have extra time, I like to change things up. I wrote a whole post about this, so if you want to read more, you can here


– Hannah 

What to wear when you’re ready for spring but it’s still snowing 

If you’re anything like me, you have those moments where you look at your closet in despair and cry, internally or out loud to anyone who will listen, “I have nothing to wear!” 

I find this is even more true now that I am trying to curate a capsule wardrobe. I’m not quite there yet, but I have significantly pared down my closet in the past several months. 

When I get into a creative rut like this, I often borrow clothes from my very cool roommates. This gives me the small thrill of wearing new (to me) clothes while keeping true to my goals and not buying too many new clothes.

I hit one of these ruts last week, and instead of giving in and buying something new, I decided to take a page out of Rebecca Jacob’s book and layer one of my favorite warm weather shirts over a turtleneck. I loved the pop of color and spring feel, with the warmth of several layers. I think this outfit would’ve been a bit more successful if the sleeves of the blue top were flowy, but I like how it looked with my jacket on, and it was such a breath of fresh air to wear something different! 

Top: H&M (last season, similar here) // Boots: Old Navy // Earrings: Bing Bang NYC 


– Hannah